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Don't let poor steering or a loose strut system cause trouble when you're out on the road. Once you recognize some of the warning signs like extreme bouncing, noise over bumps, a crooked steering wheel, etc., bring your vehicle immediately to Southwest Auto Clinic of Prescott Valley, AZ. Our ASE-certified auto technicians will handle all kinds of steering and suspension related issues.

  • Steering systems

  • Suspension service

  • Shock and strut work

  • Axle and control arm replacement

  • Alignment

Maintain control of your SUVs, trucks, and cars with a reliable steering and suspension system.

There is no need to drive unsafe on the roads with a faulty suspension when you can eliminate the risk with efficient repair services. Our knowledgeable and skilled team is adept to provide efficient suspension service.

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Steering and Suspension Work

Avoid Faulty Suspension

Improve the safety and comfort of your vehicle with high-quality steering and suspension services. Our staff has an experience of 50 years to perform all kinds of auto repairs, including brakes, air conditioning, engines, transmissions, and more.

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